One solution to streamline your GDPR compliance

GDPR Edge™ was custom built as an enterprise solution to meet the specific GDPR data processing compliance requirements.  For business owners, this means having all the tools in one place to support ongoing GDPR compliance.  For consumers, it means being able to easily access and manage all their data in one location.

Through GDPR Edge you can streamline, automate and verify the processing of your Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), visibly demonstrating your compliance efforts and reducing your compliance workload.


Consent Management

Leveraging the blockchain ledger, GDPR Edge provides flexible Consent Management allowing your company to easily tie data use, consent agreements, version control, and services offered to a particular user. The Consent Matrix is presented intuitively to the Data Subject through their personal privacy portal.

Opt-Out Management

Worried about marketing to users who have opted out or requested to be forgotten? Store multiple opt-out lists and forget-me requests in GDPR Edge, and check against our API before you send a marketing message to the wrong person.


On-Site Intel® Device

In-person interactions are not exempt from the GDPR requirements. That’s why Intel has developed the Intel® Edge device that integrates with your point of sale (POS). The device uses a custom IP address, which ensures interaction data will be stored securely in the ledger for later access and management.

Customized User Portal

The GDPR Edge portal was custom built for the three primary users who will need access to captured data: consumer, businesses, and auditors. The three users each are given their own unique portal to access and manage data from a variety of interaction points, thereby eliminating the stress of managing data through each separate channel of your business.


Blockchain Ledger

The security of GDPR Edge comes from the our Blockchain Ledger where all information is certified untampered. Once data from an interaction is gathered, it is then transferred to the Ledger and then the  Data Lake, where all interaction records live. If a consumer makes a request, a record is logged in detail regarding the interaction activity.

API Workflow Engine

Consumer interactions and data capture are rarely a one-touchpoint process. That’s why GDPR Edge was developed ready for international and multi-system integrations. Even with all your apps, loyalty program, social media check-in points, POS interactions, and more, GDPR Edge will support your enterprise's streamlined compliance.


Customer Features

Web visitor compliance

View captured data anonymously through the online portal.

Easy Transaction review

Review individual transaction details easily through the online portal.

Single sign-on (SSO) integration

Access portal using a single ID and password.

360° profile management

View and manage all collected data in one location.

Personal data transfers

Request an organization to transfer data to another vendor.

Communication preference management

Adjust communication preferences for an organization.

Right to be forgotten

Request an organization to forget (i.e. delete) data that has been collected.

Transaction history

Search and view all of your collected transactions in one place.

Data corrections and disputes

Submit data corrections and dispute requests to an organization.

Business Features

Custom branding

Customize the online portal to reflect your organization’s branding.

RESTful API workflows and integration

Integrate with custom built API and workflows.

Enterprise user management

Add and manage users as needed within an organization.

DPO dashboard

Custom portal for Data Protection Officer (DPO) access and analysis.

Multiple point of sale (POS) integrations

Integrate each POS for full interaction tracking.

Compliance notifications and reminders

Receive updates and reminders to maintain compliance.

Task management system

Manage consumer requests and internal task lists.

Virtual touchpoint integration

Track online interactions through touchpoint integration.

Secured data lake

Store and secure personal data in the Data Lake.

Auditor Features

Transaction flagging

Flag consumer interactions in the data portal for further review.

Ledger comparison views

Review the ledger of interactions and change requests.

Data reporting and exports

Request and download data reports and consumer changes.

GDPR Edge alone does not prove compliance

While GDPR Edge provides a platform to support your organization with GDPR compliance, the integration of our system alone does not prove compliance. It’s important to consult your legal council to ensure all other GDPR requirements are met. Our tool unfortunately isn’t a magic wand, as close as it may come at times.