Demonstrate your compliance efforts and give your company a solid foundation to automate and scale your GDPR operations. Fast.

Whether employing the full GDPR Edge™ Pro solution, or choosing the quick implementation available with GDPR Edge Now, you gain instant access to the key benefits of our world-class solution: our auditable, secure blockchain ledger, our workflow management tools, our robust reporting engine, and more. What's more, under either plan you can process Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) and other rights within less than one week.

Choose from one of our two enterprise GDPR compliance plans.

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Begin accepting DSARs within one weekYesYes
Blockchain ledgerYesYes
DSAR reportingYesYes
Workflow management and alertsYesYes
System integrations1Unlimited
DSARs100/mo includedUnlimited
Cloud DeploymentMulti-tenant onlyNew or existing instance
Data Lake; all consumer data in one portal, instantlyNoYes
Automated DSAR mitigationNoYes
GDPR compliance at physical point of sale (POS) systemsNoYes

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Flat rate plus fee per DSAR above 100 per month

Contact for Pricing

Pricing per physical and system integration instance


If you need a quick, easy implementation you will love GDPR Edge Now. This will enable you to demonstrate your compliance and begin accepting Data Subject Access Requests in a secure, auditable way. You'll also have access to robust reports and a user-friendly Data Privacy Officer (DPO) dashboard. Plus, you can build one integration - meaning you have the power to connect one of your systems to the tool via API. This enables you to present the Subject their Data without manual effort and potentially automate your most common requests.

The most common reasons for upgrade are:

  1. Our Pro plan enables you to connect all your systems (CRM, marketing, accounting, POS, HR, and more) so you can automate the process of providing the Data Subject their full access and potentially automate their requested actions (for example, correct their address in multiple systems).
  2. You are getting a lot of requests.  There is no "per request" charge under the Pro plan.  Plus, the automation capabilities under the Pro plan are incredibly robust which means you can manage this section of your compliance efforts with a much smaller team.  For example, if you implement full Pro automation at the point of sale each person would automatically be provided a custom link on their receipt that helps them locate and manage their specific data.  Under the Now plan you would only be able to provide a static link where a form could be manually submitted and that transaction would need to be manually located.
  3. You have multiple physical  point-of-sale locations.  Not only would multiple locations likely push you past the single integration but under the Pro plan we also have the capability to incorporate GDPR compliance into every single POS location through a hardware addition.
  4. You understand the power of a dedicated Data Lake.  In the process of implementing GDPR Edge Pro you will get to build a Data Lake.  Once in place, that can be an incredible business intelligence asset; all your consumer data in one place. Note: we provide API integration documentation so you can build your own automations and Data Lake, but if you'd like help we also have a scalable, skilled Professional Services team ready for hire.

If you have more questions about which plan is best for you please reach out to one of our friendly specialists: Request a Demo now!